Fair, Accountable, Guaranteed Real Estate Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if real estate agents were accountable for their advice? I think so too!

Mark wants a fair go for Bendigo home sellers.

Selling a home in 2019 involves a combination of smart planning, preparation, pricing, marketing and negotiation skills. After 28 years of selling homes in Bendigo, I’m confident in my local knowledge, skills and processes that I would like to guarantee the marketing and price advice I offer to you.

So what does this mean exactly? You, the Vendor, decide the fee for service paid to the agent when your property is sold unconditionally based on your personal determination of the agents support and advice in the five key ‘Sell for More’ areas throughout the selling process. You also have the power to cancel the exclusive selling agreement at any time.

* Conditions apply, please call 0437 745 726 to obtain a copy of the terms and conditions

Michael Waters SOLD within 2 weeks

Terry & Willows Ingram SOLD in 10 days

Want to learn more about Mark’s Fair Go Fee Guarantee?

Call us on 0437 745 726 for the full terms and conditions. You’ll be glad you did!

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