How to select a Bendigo real estate expert

How to select a Bendigo real estate expert

How To Select a Bendigo Real Estate Expert.

– By Ray Wood

A few years back, actually quite a few, I wrote a book called How To You Sell Your Home For Moresell-for-more

I did it to help me build a profile for my own real estate business in inner Melbourne but I also wanted to overcome what I perceived was a big knowledge gap in our industry and I figured a well written, easy-to-follow book was the best answer.

The knowledge gap I’m talking about is the gap between what a good real estate agent knows about marketing and selling real estate and what the property owner knows.

My mission was to level the playing field and give property owners a solid working knowledge of the real estate industry and in particular, how they could follow a proven formula to maximise their selling price.

More than 200,000 book sales and 16 editions later I’m happy to report the book is working better than ever and If you’d like a free copy, please contact Mark O’Shea at Bendigo Bestagents and he’ll make it happen.

I’m always curious about our industry so recently I surveyed some property sellers to see what they really wanted when it came time to sell.

I found there were three specific goals most property sellers were looking to achieve: First, and perhaps most obvious, they wanted a great selling or contract price. Second, they wanted a sale in a reasonable amount of time and third, they were looking for a great real estate experience.

After I learned these three specific seller priorities, I updated the book to give sellers more ideas around how to make them happen.

In fact, I embarked on my own version of the mad scientist and experimented on myself.

I hired an agent to help me sell my own home in a very difficult market. I thought if I could test my system and formula in extreme conditions, other property sellers could be assured of the best possible result regardless of what their local real estate market was like as long as they followed the formula.

The result for my own property was a contract above the asking price in less than 2 weeks.

The fact is that anyone can do the same but most sellers miss their opportunity to achieve a sale at the highest price because they make fundamental errors that can so easily be avoided.

In my book I will show you how to set up your sale to maximize your contract price. I will give you the heads up on the ideal selling time and I’ll also share all the valuable lessons I’ve learned in more than 30 years in the real estate industry.

But perhaps more importantly, I’ll show you how you can make your home stand out from every other property for sale and this is essential because the enemy when you go on the market is other homes for sale in your area. That’s because good buyers are constantly comparing every home they see with actual sale results to find out which listings they should check out.

I’m delighted to be working with Mark O’Shea and the team at Bendigo Bestagents. Mark’s clients get a Bendigo real estate expert and an experienced guide to lead them through the home sellers maze to a better price, in a reasonable time and a rewarding business experience.

When it comes time to sell, you only really get one chance to get it right. Everything is important and expert help is essential.




By Ray Wood

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